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            產品 Product C    


電 腦 打 咭 鐘 -  Megtek磁帶咭 (拉下式用咭)

Time Attendance Clock -  Megtek Magnetic Stripe Card (swipe Type Card)


附送DOS出勤軟件 (巳有數十公司使中)

Free DOS Attendance Reports Software (over 30 Company's users)


- 打咭原始報表 (以咭號排序) 

Full Transaction Report (card no  card sequence)


- 每日缺勤報表 (以員工工號排序) 

Daily Absent Report (staff no sequence)


- 每日出勤報表 (以員工工號排序) 

Daily Attendance Report (staff no sequence)


- 某段(某日至某日)時間個人出勤報表 (以一員工一頁列出)

Individual Attendance Report (period to period time attendance and individual staff no page)


- 某段(某日至某日)的個人請假報表 (以一員工一頁列出)

Individual Leave Report (period to period leave details and individual staff no page)


  • 員工咭插入槽內. 便可記錄員工上下班時間.

       Staff Magnetic Stripe Card is

          swiped to reader slot then

          record will be stored in clock


  • 內存10240個讀咭記錄, 傳回電腦可以作出勤報表.

       10240 records storage capacity

          when no retrieve to computer.

  • 內存兩組, 一可供兩個月使用的電 池, 讀咭記錄和時鐘得以正常運作; 另一可供三時市電終止時用.



    Build-in a data backup battery

    for two months and operation

    standby battery for 2 hours

  • 顯示屏可有兩行的十六 個英文字.

       LCD display 2 lines in 16


  • 可顯示時間, 星期, 日子和打咭的同事咭號.

          LCD display show time,

         weekday, date and card  no




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